Most Capital Cases are on hold for now

Considered too high impact for remote hearings, capital cases have mostly ground to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a Criminal Law Section report. The section’s executive council accepted the Capital Cases Committee report without comment at a recent virtual meeting. Capital trials are not proceeding at this time, nor are they likely to proceed in the near future unless and until jury selections with large panels can be conducted safely and in accordance with all health guidelines, the report states. The October 2nd report reflects the result of an informal, 20-circuit survey and is signed by Fourth Judicial Circuit Judge Tatiana Jenkins. More often than not, a simple mistake can cost you, so it’s very important to have legal counsel representing you in times such as this. If such an incident happens, ensure that you are able to hire a good attorney; like the one here More often than not a level headed, experienced and competent attorney can most likely fix whatever family law attorney may or may not be able to solve. The florida bar is a good resource to determine if someone has a disciplinary history worth acknowledging.